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Are you looking for new sensations? Want to get fantastic emotions and spend an unforgettable time in Dublin? Leave the tourist walks for later, because there is something that will turn your world upside down. This is an erotic massage for adults.

Just imagine, a naked sexy girl glides over your body, your thoughts dissolve in the air, you abstract from the outside world and completely surrender to your sensation. Many men say that after an intimate session, their life was divided into “before” and “after”, because the emotions they received during the session exceeded all their expectations and secret dreams. 

Adult massage in Dublin: types

Many people mistakenly believe that an erotic massage consists of the same uniform techniques and the only difference between the sessions is that it is performed by a new masseuse. It's not like that at all. Erotic massage is a generic name that is used to refer to therapy of an intimate nature.

There are more than 10 types of massage for adults, each of which has its unique highlight, for example, sliding on the client’s body using a special gel, using BDSM attributes or massaging the client’s erogenous zone. Whatever type of practice you choose, you can be sure that the happy ending of an erotic massage is a slight excitement and a desire to sign up for a session again.

We offer you to get acquainted with a short overview of different types of erotic massage

Which is better: an independent masseuse or parlour?

We hasten to please you: full body relaxing massage in Dublin is performed equally well by independent masseuses and masters in the salon. In the selection, we recommend that you be guided by individual preferences, because only by your feelings and the result you can precisely determine which option is better.

The benefits that you get from a session with an independent masseuse:

  • knowledge of all the subtleties of massage: as a rule, independent masseuses have a big experience in conducting both classic and erotic massage. Therefore, if you have muscle strain, the girl knows how to make you feel relieved.

  • wide choose: on our website you can choose any masseuse that you liked. It can be a sexy Slovenian, a mysterious Asian or Irelandian girls - you can choose the type of girl that best suits your tastes.  Are you interested in erotic massage in the area of Dublin 1 or Dublin 15? You can order this massage in an outcall or incall format. 

  • outcall erotic massage: an independent masseuse can come to the hotel or your apartment at any time agreed with you.

If you decide to go for an massage therapy in a parlor in Dublin, you will also be pleasantly surprised and will remember it with pleasure. Parlour benefits are:

  • an integrated approach: in Dublin there are many spa massage parlors, where in addition to massage, you can additionally go to the jacuzzi or the pool, the administrator will offer you a cup of coffee or tea. An excellent continuation of relaxation, what do you think?

  • customer focus: in the massage parlor you will be literally blown off dust particles, because the administration of the institution is interested in making you satisfied with the service and come back to the procedure. You can be sure that erotic massage will take place in the most sterile conditions. Before the client arrives, the salon administrator makes sure that everything is prepared for the procedure.

  • confidentiality: you can be sure that no one will know about your visit to an intimate massage session, because every parlor is interested in maintaining a good reputation.

Aroma spa massage in Dublin

Natural oils are actively used in oriental practices, in particular in Tantra massage in Dublin. Aromatic oils add piquancy to the massage procedure itself: just imagine how a naked girl rubs your body with oil, her hands glide smoothly over your body, a pleasant light aroma filled the entire room. Wonderful, isn't it?

Also, aromatic oils have a healing effect. They soothe the nervous system, soften the skin and even contribute to the disclosure of sexual potential.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I order an erotic massage at a hotel in Dublin in the evening?

Of course. On our website you can use the “now online” filter and the system will show you profiles of girls whom you can call immediately. You will need to indicate the address where the girl needs to come and the hotel room where you live. For example, if you want to sign up massage therapy in South Dublin or any other area of the city, be sure to inform the masseuse or salon administrator at the beginning of the conversation. 

  1. Are there any restrictions for adult massage?

You can sign up for an erotic massage if you are 18 years old or more. This is the only key limitation of this practice. You can also be sure that on our website profiles of girls who are also 18 years old are presented.

  1. Does erotic massage include sexual intimacy?

Erotic massage in Dublin is legal because it completely eliminates the possibility of sexual intimacy between the client and the masseuse. This practice is useful for both the physical and psychological health of an adult man or woman.

  1. How long does an adult massage in Dublin last?

As a rule, a good male erotic massage with a happy ending lasts from 1 hour or more. Why such a duration? This massage consists of several key stages, such as getting to know the girl, warming up the client’s body using various techniques that gradually bring the man to the peak of sensations, and light excitement.

In addition, you yourself can choose the duration of an erotic massage. It will be an hour or a few hours - it's up to you. It is also possible to book a 24-hour massage in Dublin. This means that the girl will come to you for the whole day. Believe me, you will not notice how quickly the time flies by when a sexy naked girl gives you a tantric or sensitive adult massage.

How to order an erotic massage in Dublin on your website?

It is very simple. Do you want to go to an independent masseuse? Then, to speed up the search for a girl, use the filters that are on our website. Here you can choose the key parameters of the girl: hair color, nationality, etc.

Do you like the photo of the sexy girl? Then quickly open her profile. Here you can familiarize yourself with the detailed parameters of the girl, her brief resume, and customer reviews. Also in the profile, you can see the prices for massage in Dublin and choose the “outcall” or “incall” option. If you have made a choice, click the “call me” button to contact the masseuse directly.