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Gold Coast is a paradise by the sea, and our masseuses are exactly the mermaids that can complete the fairytale picture. Erotic massage is an adult recreational practice, performed by skilled masseuses, whose movements are as efficient and addictive as a siren's song. So give in to the ecstasy of Gold Coast with the best erotic massage search service online.

What is an erotic massage?

Erotic massage is an extraordinary recreational activity with manual stimulation of sensitive skin areas and body parts for health-improving purposes. Erogenous zones are powerful centers of sexual energy, which can be manipulated to bring pleasure, psychological and emotional relief, and energy boosts unlike any other. Erotic massage is a massage taken one step further – provocative, but also more wholesome, able to address the broadest spectrum of the client's concerns.

Types of erotic massage

  • Massage domination; a risqué massage on the more extreme side of the spectrum, which incorporates light BDSM practices;

  • Body-to body massage; an intimate massage, in which entire bodies of the masseuse and the client slide against each other;

  • Sensual massage; a thoughtful and sensuous massage for the clients who are just starting to get into erotic massage;

  • Couples massage; a delicious treat for a very special date between you and your partner;

  • Tantric massage; an ancient type of massage that explores the spiritual pillars of human sexuality;

  • Yoni massage; a massage that addresses female sensuality and sexuality;

  • Lingam massage; a massage that addresses male sensuality and sexuality;

  • Nuru massage; a Japanese massage, where gel is used to create an exotic moist body-to-body connection;

  • 4 hands massage; a massage performed by two masseuses for the sake of symmetrical body development.

Benefits of erotic massage

The erotic massage is an efficient remedy for the following troubles:

  • Different types of anxiety:

  • Muscular tension and pains:

  • Nervousness;

  • Sexual health complications;

  • Insomnia and inconsistent sleep patterns.

Anxiety and nervousness fade away, when the client finds themselves in the hands of an experienced masseuse, with comforting environment as an additional soothing factor. Muscular tension fades away as the friction heats and softens the muscles, simultaneously positively affecting the blood flow and spreading the warmth through the entire body. The sexual problems that spawn from uncertainty or shyness may also be aided with a friendly presence of an understanding specialist. The feeling of relaxation, acquired from erotic massage, may help the clients with problematic sleeping patterns, as it soothes the nervous system, and fills the muscles with a fatigue, reminiscent of the state of sleepiness. Together, all of these effects create an overarching positive impression from the séance and make the client feel great.

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On our website, select the country and the city of the séance. Specify the type of massage that you want to order. Select a masseuse, whether by using a set of filters for perfect choice, or by simply picking a profile off of the title page. Note that such massages as the couples' massage or the 4 hands massage may require more than one professional on the site. The profiles marked with the violet verification ribbon show real people, whose photos have already been proof-checked. When you have made your choice, get in touch with the masseuse and settle the details of your arrangement.

Erotic massage is the type of recreation that is perfectly complementary to the dreamy mood of Gold Coast. So give up the struggle, and turn yourself in to the enchanting mermaids of erotic massage, whom you can summon from our website right now.