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The maximization of positive emotions is one of the main purposes of any massage practice that we practice in our parlor. When the two masseuses at once are working to satisfy one guest, the experience is enhanced and the level of pleasure is higher.

After receiving a four-hands massage, you will not be able to resist this feeling of fulfillment later. 


What Are the Types of 4 Hand Massage in Our Adelaide Parlor?

4 hand massage can include elements of other various massage practices. The participation of two masseuses will make the sensations of standard double as well. 

4 Hand Massage can involve such techniques as: 

  • Deep tissue massage. Your muscles will be put under pleasure to reduce pain in them. 

  • Full body massage. You will lose the track of where you are rubbed, stroked, and caressed. You will stop thinking consciously and will just give in to pleasure.

  • Any erotic massage. The standard effect can be enhanced by a happy ending.

Who Performs 4 Hand Massage? 

The female masseuses as well as the zen-men 4 hand massage specialists in our Adelaide parlor 

  • Skilled, experienced masseuses. You can choose the seductive professionals in our catalog.

  • Gender, age, and personal massage style are never an obstacle.

  • Masseuses trained to work in pair to guarantee your satisfaction.