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What are the stages of tantric massage therapy in Melbourne?

  • A man takes the most comfortable pose for himself (usually lying on his back). He does not need to do anything else: the masseuse is engaged in the rest.

  • She does not just affect the erogenous zones but also finds the points responsible for spiritual energy on the body. Kneading them, the craftswoman achieves that the man feels an energetic overflow from the top of his head to his toes.

  • After tantric massage, guests leave satisfied and full of strength.

Why should a man order a tantric massage?

 Our experienced masseuses provide a suitable setting and care for your peace and solitude, with you - only complete relaxation and trust in our craftswomen. You can come in pairs: masseuses also provide couples massage for female and male relaxation.

What are the benefits of tantric massage?

  • disclosure of the energy potential and all erogenous zones on the body;

  • stress relief and tension;

  • the maximum level of relaxation;

  • finding harmony between the physical and energy body;

  • getting unforgettable pleasure from the procedure;

  • the feeling of new birth.

What will I feel during tantric therapy?

During the tantric massage procedure (of course, subject to all the rules of technology), the client achieves a particular state of weightlessness and bliss, which he hardly ever experienced before in his life. For a relatively short period of the procedure, the client receives a tangible effect of a surge of strength, pleasant sexual arousal, complete harmony with himself and with the world.

The masterful execution of the tantric erotic massage service is offered by our cathologist. Our professional masseuses know the technology of the program execution and, together with the guest, are immersed in the meditative state of nirvana.

Couples who want to get emotionally connected and add sensuality to their relationship can try tantric massage in Melbourne. If there is no partner, or for some reason, he does not want to experiment, you can contact our catalog of tantric erotic massage, where they know a lot about delivering pleasure by massaging the body.

In India, Tantra is a whole science that studies the paths to the spiritual liberation of a person and filling him with vital energy. Relax implies the exchange of this same energy between two close people - a couple in love. They massage each other, enjoying the solitude, intimacy, and touch.

What is Tantric massage therapy?

Tantric massage for the body in Melbourne is a science of enjoyment. It is conducted not by her beloved girl, but by a masseuse, but the session is held according to all the rules and traditions. This is not sex, so penetration does not occur. But a skilled craftswoman can bring a man to orgasm through complete relaxation and sensual arousal, influencing specific points of the naked body with the help of tantric massage therapy.

Someone says that these erotic and tantric massage is far from the same. But if two people are completely naked and are in the room alone, this is erotica. And when the process begins, it turns into unforgettable session, but with elements of Indian philosophy.

The depth of enjoyment of tantric massage depends on the infinity of confidence

Some men do not go to massage sessions, because they are afraid not to restrain themselves from overexcitation. But the technique is not a simple prelude, but a whole complex of manipulations, the result of which is an orgasm. Yes, it happens without sex, and the pleasure of such discharge is sometimes more pleasant than that of full sexual contact.

Tantric massage is useful not only for men but also for women, which led to its reasonably wide popularity among the fair sex. However, the approach to female clients is always unique, since the woman’s nature is delicate and delicate, similar to a flower, the petals of which open only under the favorable influence of factors. Women are more emotional, therefore, in the procedure of tantric massage, full confidence, and the absence of any rush is very important for them.

As you know, women can contain their sexual energy in a significant way, since certain conditions and atmosphere are necessary for its disclosure. Men get excited and make contact much faster and more actively. The task of the massage master is to give a feeling of unity and trust, provide a sense of masculine power, and receive the highest pleasure, which is difficult to achieve even in sex.

Tantra technique of erotic massage

A feature of tantric massage therapy is gradualness and leisureliness. Any sudden movement can “blur” the impression. Unnecessary thoughts can also spoil everything. Therefore, tantric erotic massage is accompanied by a unique atmosphere with relaxing ethnic music and incense. The following essential oils beneficially affect a man:

  • incense;

  • vetiver;

  • ylang-ylang;

  • orange;

  • cedar;

  • sandalwood.

The masseuse is convinced of the absence of an allergy to the listed aromas and mixes them in a particular proportion. The resulting oil is used for both incense and rubbing.