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Even if you are a sophisticated life man and have experienced a lot, Japanese nuru erotic massage will truly surprise you and even amaze you. This exotic type of massage is so saturated with the erotic component that it will not leave the slightest chance of boredom and monotony.

What is nuru massage?

As a rule, massage is a close contact of the massage therapist with his client's body. A nuru massage is even more intimate communication between them. It is performed throughout the client's body, and the masseuse will use not only her hands but also her entire body in the process.

Nuru massage came to us just recently from distant, but so sensual and voluptuous Japan. Today it is becoming popular with us too - more and more of his fans prefer this particular type of erotic massage, which gave men the opportunity to experience amazingly pleasant feelings.

Nuru massage is a sacrament, a kind of sacred action, a dialogue between a man and a woman. Once you have experienced the pleasure of nuru, you will no longer be able to forget it.

What nuru massage scenario awaits a man?

Nuru massage begins with the choice of a girl. All sexy masseuses are slim and well-groomed, with nice roundness. As soon as you see them, you will want to feel every bulge on your body, to feel how pleasant it is when not your hands touch your skin, but your stomach or chest. But still, you need to choose one beauty. And then this is what awaits you:

  • the girl will help you undress and tell you how to lie comfortably on the big bed (Japanese nuru massage starts from the back);

  • gradually, literally a few drops, it will begin to pour the gel on your skin, evenly distributing it with a thin layer;

  • the beauty gently clings to you with his whole body and begins to glide up and down smoothly, and you will sway, as if on the waves;

  • you will feel how you are filled with energy and will be able to free yourself from mental clamps and muscle blocks completely.

Nuru massage technique

Before the massage, the girl applies a special gel to her body, which will make her skin soft, silky. The exceptional smoothness of the skin that has been treated with nuru-gel provides maximum glide, which will give pleasure to both: man and woman.

As you know, many erotic points, even those that you might not be aware of, are located on the skin. The unique stimulation of these erogenous zones will allow you to feel the pleasure of such an unusual massage as acutely as possible.

After the gel is applied to the girl's body, the most important and exciting thing comes - in fact, the Japanese nuru massage. It is performed throughout the client's body, and the massage therapist also does it with her entire body. It involves the arms, back, buttocks, chest, hips, back. It is impossible to convey in words what you will feel when a young, healthy girl will massage your body in such an erotic, inspirational, and fascinating way. The massage is based on the principle of the exchange of sexual energy between a man and a woman. Moreover, the result of the nuru massage will be even more spectacular than with regular sex.


Why is Nuru massage so popular?

No matter how tired, agitated, or depressed you are, an erotic massage will make you forget about business and troubles. Pleasant sensations, incredibly strong emotions, sensual, tactile touches - this massage will leave the most profound mark in your soul and may become the most vivid impression of an erotic nature.

What does erotic nuru massage mean?

  • touches the guest not only with fingers and palms but also with the chest, hips, crotch, buttocks, belly, interlacing his body with the body of a man burning with passion;

  • first produces a barely noticeable touch, then the stimulation becomes more active, reaching a peak when the girl pays maximum attention to the manipulation of erogenous zones.

What is the result of the Japanese nuru massage in Perth?

But not only the massage itself will be pleasant, but also its result. You will feel incredible lightness, the most tender languor, and satisfaction. The sensations will be so intense and satisfying that you will get the impression that you will not experience anything new in your life. But this is not so - after rest and relaxation, the time will come for energetic decisions, excitement, strength. You will have a desire to live, work, do your duties with enthusiasm and joy.

How does Japanese nuru massage in Perth affect the body?

  • accelerate all metabolic processes;

  • normalize blood pressure;

  • to improve the condition of the skin by improving microcirculation of blood;

  • stabilize the immune system;

  • to have a general strengthening and even anti-aging effect.

So, if your body turns to the Universe in the call “Touch me!”, “Take off the tension!”, “Understand me!” or “Heal me!”, then we recommend that you listen to this call and visit the catalog. Our girls are beautiful and seductive, beautiful and skillful in their caresses, and well trained. They masterfully master massage techniques. Entrust your body to professional masseuses, and you can relax, get an unforgettable pleasure, adjust energy flows and feel satisfied, relaxed, and healthy, not only with your body but also with your soul. Book your nuru massage at Perth right now and plunge into the sea of ​​Japanese pleasure.