Erotic massage: features, techniques and benefits

In eastern countries, erotic massage has long been popular and was perceived as a way to achieve physical harmony and mental balance. A special attitude to the body underlies the culture of Asian peoples and it is not surprising that many Europeans adopted many manual therapy techniques from them.

Erotic massage is a real art. It is a mistake to believe that this is only physical therapy. Sensual massage acts at a higher level, it allows you to find inner freedom, change the attitude to your body and make life more conscious.

Erotic massage: what does it mean?

The uniqueness of erotic massage is a complex effect on the physical, emotional state of a person. There are various types of this massage, which differ among themselves in performing techniques, affecting certain points and parts of the body, and purposefully solving a particular problem. An experienced specialist in sensual massage knows all the subtleties of how to give an unforgettable experience from the session.

The basis of professional erotic massage is the effect on certain points of the body that reveal sensuality and allow you to relax. Touching is performed by any parts of the body, for example, hands, buttocks. Depending on customer preferences, additional attributes such as feathers, fur or hot lava stones can also be used. Smooth movements are replaced by rhythmic and vice versa.

A certain atmosphere is an important component of classical tantric massage. In a secluded room, the client lies on a special mattress made of cotton - futon. During the session, scented candles are lit, calm oriental music is turned on, dim light reigns in the room.

The benefits of erotic massage

It is believed that erotic massage is one of the best types of anti-stress therapy, due to which pacification of the body and mind is achieved. This practice allows you to become more confident in yourself, get rid of stress and negative thoughts. A person acquires mental and physical balance, feels more relaxed.

Also, erotic massage has such advantages:

  • physical relaxation: the massage technique involves exposure to certain points, a muscle group. This allows you to relieve tension in the body, improves blood circulation and body tone.

  • skin condition improvement: the massage therapist uses natural aromatic oils that work favorably on the skin, it becomes more elastic and tender.

  • increased libido: the massage therapist touches the body, intimate areas contribute to the awakening of sensitivity, sexual arousal without physical penetration. This is a great way to develop your sensory system, to understand. how the body reacts to one or another tactile touch.

  • acquisition of peace of mind: tantra massage is not only physical therapy. During the session, the tantric breathing technique is applied, which acts like meditation. As a result, a person’s thoughts are cleared of negativity, anxiety.

  • energy recovery: a session of this massage allows you to completely relax, restore strength and get a boost of inspiration.

  • therapeutic effect: tantric massage helps to remove toxins from the body, restore metabolism, improve heart function.

The effectiveness of erotic massage

An erotic sensual massage helps to achieve emotional balance, therefore it is recommended for those people who are in constant tension. Tactile touch gives a feeling of pleasure and bliss. During the session, the consciousness is completely turned off, the person receives an emotional discharge, experiences a gamut of pleasant feelings.

Massage has a beneficial effect on the restoration of strength, sexual energy, allows you to get rid of complexes and feelings about your appearance.

Sensual massage is suitable for both men and women of any age. Many spa salons, including in France, have a whole staff of specialists, so clients can choose a man or a woman as a masseur. Sensual massage specialists have a good command of techniques for influencing certain points, and they also know well the anatomical features of the structure of the human body.