Learn how to give an erotic massage

Erotic massage is a kind of prelude that is done for relaxation as well as to sexually excite a partner.

Of course, some types of adult massages are available only to professional masters and are practiced in specialized salons all over France, however, its basic techniques are quite simple and can be performed at home.

If you want to learn how to do an erotic massage, itis necessary to be able to listen to the desires of a partner and understand the language of the body.

The benefits of massage



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Performing an erotic massage

An erotic massage session requires a special setting.

It is desirable that everything in the room is conducive to relaxation:

  • light scented candles
  • nice music.
  • the dark atmosphere in the room
  • nice smell
  • etc.

It is better to start the massage after the bath, and it should be carried out on a hard surface. If the sofa or bed is too soft, it is better to lay the sheets on the carpet.

What you need for an erotic massage

For an intimate massage, you will need massage oil, liquid or solid, which melts if you warm it between hot palms.

In erotic massage, not so much the technique but the pleasant sensations and smells are the main things.

Like any other intimate massage, you should start with light strokes along the back and sides of the partner, which will help the body muscles to relax and warm them.

The body massages using conventional massage techniques: tingling, pressing, grabbing skin folds, tapping with the edges of the palms and circular movements.

Although the strength and intensity of these movements must change. Do not forget that an ​​erotic massage includes not only the back, neck, shoulders, and lower back, but also the intimate parts of the body.

List of what you need to have with you before the massage

erotic massage

relaxing massage


massage oil with aphrodisiacs

regular massage oil


flavored candles with a relaxing effect

cream or essential hand base oils


Aroma lamp

muffled light


relaxing music

relaxing music


comfortable indoor temperature

comfortable indoor temperature



warm and soft towels


joint shower (before of after massage)


How to give an erotic massage

In order for the session to be enjoyable for both, you need to relax and get rid of all unnecessary thoughts in your head.

It is also necessary to know for sure the location of the erogenous zones massaged and to focus on these particular areas of the body. Regardless of individual erogenous zones, most males love when women gently touch their thighs, stomach, chest, and neck.

This causes powerful impulses that are transmitted through the nervous system to the genitals.

Candles, romantic music, dimmed lighting, as well as a joint bath or shower also contributes to complete relaxation. Most importantly, erotic massage is performed in the nude, and that applies to both men and women.

The bodies of both must be moisturized with massage oil.

How to start an erotic massage?

A session should start with a classic massage, which will relieve tension and relax your partner.

After that, gradually introduce erotic elements into it. Massage, press, stretch the muscles of a person and at the same time, gently touch those areas of the body that are sure to bring excitement.

Use not only the strength and energy of the hands, but also the chest, hair, lips, feathers, and ice cubes.

For a while, do the massage very intensively, then loosen the pressure, and then touch the skin just with your fingertips. Apply this technique massaging each part of the body.

Basic erotic massage technique

Having learned how to give an erotic massage, you will create your own touch language depending on the needs of the person being massaged. Experience plays a vital role in such discipline, so do not get discouraged.

The basic massage techniques in sensual massage are the same as in the classical. Pretty much anyone can master them but it takes lots of practice for the partner to get that euphoric feeling.

Unleash your imagination, and you will find those tricks that will get you and your partner to the highest point of pleasure.


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