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After a long working day in an office full of colleagues, papers and duties, the best you can do to yourself is body to body massage. Why so? There are a couple of reasons which are usually enumerated by our clients:

  • it gives a feeling of relief of pressure;

  • relaxes your body muscles;

  • gets your mind free from everyday obligations and necessities;

  • improves blood circulation, which in its turn, is a prophylaxis of huge number of diseases and problems concerned with health.

Without a doubt this list should and could be continued as it is difficult to overestimate the advantages of body to body massage. However, to evaluate the benefits of body to body massage, one should understand and keep in mind the origin of body to body massage. 

Origin of Body to Body Massage 

It is mostly impossible to state the era of body to body massage birth, however the first reference to this type is was made in Victorian Era. It is stated that such massage was popular among higher layers, such as queens and kings, dukes and duchesses etc. As the medicine of these times was on infant level, rich people, who also suffered from backaches as well as the poor, have found their relief in different kinds of massage. Time passed, techniques developed and changed, but human nature of lust and the need for satisfaction remained the same. That is why the invention of body to body massage was inevitable. 

The techniques applied in different types of massage were combined with naked bodies and natural oils which allowed the recipients’ and massauses’ touches to be smooth, slippery, close and intimate. The body to body massage may be perceived as primarily erotic massage, the goal of which is to satisfy the desires and fantasies, however, that is not so in reality. 

We are to remember that these times were out of medicine, that is why massage was used for several functions:

  • pain relieving;

  • prophylactic (in cases of possible deviation from norms of skeleto-muscular system);

  • rejuvenating;

  • recovery and sanative;

  • weight-losing. 

When the familiar massage techniques were transformed into the new body to body massage, the impact was revolutionary. All the benefits were combined in such a way, that the result of massage had general heath improving factor plus pleasant feelings os a bonus. The most professional masseuses had skills of making a massage session a happy ending one.;

All in all, this practice became valuable and commonly used to such an extent that it has spread all over the world. That was the starting point of body to body massage in Sydney.  

Difference between Body to Body Massage, Nu massage and Nude massage

The frequently asked questions about this type of massage always include the one about differences between body to body, nu and nude. In fact, there are some differences, however, they are minor. First of all, we are to understand that:

body to body massage

nu massage

nude massage

is a special type of massage which includes applying massaging techniques by usage of not only hands but of the whole naked body of a masseuse.

includes massage session with different techniques by a topless professional masseuse.

is the same as the previously mentioned type with only one difference - this type of massage is serviced by a naked masseuse. 

What is common to these types is that sometimes a lotion or natural oil is used in order to make the touches smoother and silkier. The pleasant prolonged effect of these types is also among the characteristic features of these three massages. 


  • What is better to choose: nude or body to body massage in Sydney?

The difference in these types is that body to body massage implies massage with usage of the whole body, while nude massage may not include this factor. Knowing that, you may choose the most preferable type to you.

  • In what districts of Sydney is body to body massage available?

For your comfort, our masseuses are mobile and ready to provide you with best services of body to body massage in Western Sydney, North Sydney, CBD etc.

  • What masseuse for body to body massage is better?

You should choose first of all by leaning on personal preferences. However, bear in mind that not all girls provide body to body massage in Sydney. To understand if this option is available for order by the girl you have chosen, click on her card which will show you the list of her services.

  • How long it takes for a session of body to body massage in Sydney?

There are two types of sessions which differ in the duration: the first takes one hour and the second takes two hours. However, choosing the first variant doesn’t exclude the possibility to prolong a seance.