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There is no doubt that Sydney is a place where everybody finds something unique and unforgettable. This is a city charged with positive vibes and suggesting emotions to both visitors and residents. Working hard and living a hectic life we have an undeniable need for relaxation and pause for respite, which can be achieved by trying one of the best types of rest - tantric massage in Sydney.  

What is Tantric Massage?

There is no definite answer on what tantric massage is as there are lots of manipulations and techniques applied during the session. This fact makes this type of massage not only difficult in implementation and requiring profound knowledge of masseuse, but also one of the most popular among clients. That is why tantric massage is defined mostly by its effect on recipient, not by its methodics. However, there are some characteristic features which usually make the massage session a specifically tantric one:

  • the focus of tantric massage is laid primarily on ruining boundaries between the physical and mental bodies of recipient by achieving full relaxation of both sides;

  • the aim of the session is to satisfy a wide range of needs:

to learn how to give

to learn how to get

mental/psychological liberty

physical relaxation 

endorphine production

health improvement

  • intimate zones as well as whole body are stimulated by the change of masseuse’s body position, intermittent touches, slides and rhythmic pushes;

  • the effect of tantric massage is felt not only by common enervation of body but also by peacefulness of mind.

Due to these benefits on recipient tantric massage possesses its name as the impact has meditational, zen character. During the session time disappears, it seems that the problems are miserable and there is nothing to worry about. The thoughts are clear and only positiveness gains a constant status. The clew of difficulties unravels in your mind and everything loses its previous complexity. 

Rules to Get Maximum from Tantric Massage in Sydney

It is extremely important to remember that the satisfying result from the session depends not only on masseuse’s skills but also on recipient’s readiness and comfort. Here are some tips which will definitely help to get the best feelings from the procedure:

  1. to get into the right mood dive yourself a couple of minutes for psychological preparation: talk, smile to each other, get closer in order to catch the contact;

  2. there is no difference whether it is female, male or gay tantric massage in Sydney. The concept is the same - to remember that the goal is not achieving orgasm at the end as the tantric massage has no specific objective. The most important is to get emotions and the feeling of balance.

  3. it is not about just massaging erotic areas. The session must include stimulating the whole body which sometimes ends with something bigger that happy ending tantric massage. Techniques help to open a new mindset and chakras. Give your body to the professional arms and let yourself enjoy.

  4. try to clear your thoughts and think about nothing. It may be achieved by focusing on your breath and masseuse’s touches.

  5. apply some natural lotus oil on your bodies. This makes the sensations smoother and deeper as if you are massaged from inside.


  • In what Sydney regions is tantric massage available?

Tantric massage could be served in mostly all regions of Sydney: North and Western Sydney, CBD, Darlinghurst to Potts Point, etc. Just contact us and get the detailed information.

  • Does tantric massage have therapeutic effect?

Among pleasant feelings and erotic moments, tantric massage without a doubt has numerous benefits for the recipient's health. It is a complex practice affecting both mental and physical wellbeing. 

  • Is it possible to try tantric massage with your partner at home?

Of course, the whole range of feelings could be experienced with a help of professional masseuse who has profound knowledge in the field and skills. However, it is also possible to try tantric practices at home following basic recommendations. The thing is that usually it happens to be not effective. That is why there is an opinion of tantric massage for couples at Sydney.

  • How to order the tantric massage services in Sydney?

Our website is specially designed for your comfort and is very handy. Just click on the card of the masseuse you want to order and choose among the suggested options what you need.