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Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese methodics aimed to lose tension and stress, relax body muscles and mind, open chakras and develop sensory perception. To achieve such physical and mental condition the recipient and masseuse smear each others skin with a special lotion, which is no-fragrance and of natural origin. The techniques applied during the procedure require high professional skills and long-practiced experience.

Nuru massage: Present VS Past

Today this type of massage is one of the fast-growing trends of erotic massage in the world. And there is nothing to be surprised about. The body-to-body massage gives not only pleasant feelings but also physical health.

Long time ago it was practiced in Japan only by higher layers of society, as it was quite expensive for several reasons:

  • There were few professional masseuses, who were to study for years in special institutions in order to get a qualification and knowledge. 

  • The beautiful specialists were assigned to one or some masters, who were commonly governors and rich traders, and lived with them right in the house or nearby. 

  • The masseuses’ profession was kept in a secret as their work was perceived as something sacred and unique. 

  • The ingredients, the seaweed in particular, for the lotion, which has to be used during massage in order to make the bodies slippery and sliding, was specially imported from another countries.

Although the Asian Nuru massage wasn’t originated in Sydney, it surely has its fans in Australia. In today’s world almost everyone can enjoy this procedure, as it became affordable, popular and not so rare among other types of massage. Moreover, there are many parlors which offer such service for adequate prices and are scattered up and down the city.

Massage Parlors in Sydney

Being a city of contrasts and amusement, it can offer something to an every taste. As far as Nuru massage in Sydney is concerned, there is a diversity of places to visit. The best parlors offering Nuru massage services are situated in the most popular districts of Sydney: CBD, Western and North Sydney. Professional masseuses work from Potts Point to Darlinghurst.

What are the benefits from Nuru Massage in Sydney?

The benefits which the Nuru massage brings for health are undeniable. Let us keep in mind that this type gives not only pleasant feelings which can lead to the happy ending of the procedure. The techniques applied by a professional:

  • stimulates the organism to produce endorphins, which in their turn are the triggers for losing weight, boosting self-esteem and mood and reduce pain;

  • opens chakras;

  • helps the organism to renew cells;

  • moisturizes and nourishes skin due to the use of specially made lotion;

  • improves sleep; 

  • has antiphlogistic and antipyretic effect;

  • relaxes muscles and prevents scoliosis;

  • gives a general feeling of well-being;

  • purifies heart and head.

As you see the prevalent thought that this type of body-to-body massage gives only orgasmic effect is wrong. Many years ago this practice was used primarily because of its healing capacity and for general health and secondly for satisfying some needs.

It is stated, that nuru massage extends youth and saves your time for visiting doctors. The most important thing is to remember that in our hectic and sometimes fraudulent world it is extremely difficult to find a good specialist having an individual approach and professional qualification. 

With our service you can be sure that the masseuses are experts in their field, as we check and verify their accounts. Moreover, we guarantee the security of personal data. For your convenience our website is handy and easy in exploitation. We do care about our clients and are waiting for the feedback.


  • How to prepare for the nuru massage?

It is extremely important to have a peaceful state of mind and positive mood in order to achieve a relaxing and restorative effect from the procedure. And of course, don’t forget about common rules of hygiene.

  • Is nuru massage good for my health?

Nuru massage has a common healing and restorative effect on organism, moreover, it prevents scoliosis and moisturizes your skin due to usage of special toner.

  • Is outcall service possible?

The outcall nuru massage is available in order to make you feel satisfied and relaxed in any place of Sydney city.

  • How much time it takes for the session of nuru massage?

The duration of procedure is 60 or 120 minutes, however, by prior arrangement or right on the spot, it is possible to prolong the session of Nuru massage, as we have an individual approach to the service.