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The way that makes us feel sensual massage is the reason of ever-growing popularity of this methodology. Being vastly common thousands years ago in Eastern countries, such as China and India, this type of massage has spread on the whole globe in recent decades. Why is so and what are the benefits of sensual massage?

What is sensual massage?

To understand its popularity among massage-lovers, we should achieve total understanding of what sensual massage really is. It is a mix of techniques applied in a special way, that all touches stimulate the recipient’s organism to be sensitive to such an extent that the whole body becomes one erogenous zone.

A masseuse uses not only her hands, but also her own body, which makes it possible to become as close to each other as the couple wants not only physically, but psychologically. That is one of the main reasons for the popularity of sensual massage among spouses and those couples who have lost their attraction to each other.

Tools for sensual massage

There is a common mistake that during a session of this type of massage no specific tools are required. Of course it is possible to do it just by our naked hands, however, professional masseuses know that by applying a special oil or lotion they enhance with special feelings the seance.

Types and Techniques of Sensual Massage in Sydney

As we know, this city is not just about beautiful architecture and colorful streets, it is also about enjoyment and satisfaction. That is why here you may found parlors with professional masseuses ready to introduce different types to you. One may find in Sydney:

  • asian sensual massage;

  • gay (male to male) sensual massage; 

  • bisensual massage;

  • male sensual massage;

  • sensual massage for women;

  • thai sensual massage;

  • sensual erotic massage for couples;

  • sensual lomi lomi massage;

As far as techniques are concerned, this type is compiled mostly of strokes, the force of which is wavy and alternating. There is no recipe for the best sensual massage if you are looking for it in Sydney. The most important that you are to remember is that being completely fair and open to your masseuse is 90% of happy ending session. That is why it is highly recommended to speak on your expectations before the procedure.


  • What are the benefits of sensual massage?

The strengthening of immune system function, overall relaxation and loss of tension, prevention of scoliosis and osteochondritis, prevention of ageing… The list is endless.

  • In what districts of Sydney can I try sensual massage?

CBD of Sydney, Western and North Sydney - you have many places to choose from. Just select the masseuse, click on her photo and make an order.

  • Can I order a private sensual massage?

You can make a choice between outcall and incall private sensual massages. It all depends on your preferences, our task is to meet your expectations by providing an individual approach. Just contact the masseuse for discussing details. 

  • Is it possible to be massaged with a partner?

The couples massage is the best choice to get to know each other better, improve relations or become closer. Our masseuses are professionals who know how to satisfy both of you. 

All in all, the effect of any procedure depends on what on your mind is. Even such therapy as sensual massage, aimed at relaxation and achieving of sense of freedom, could be unsuccessful, as far as the result is concerned. And the thing is not in the skills or experience of a masseuse. The thing is in the mind of recipient. That is why it is highly important to be at your ease and have a positive attitude towards upcoming procedure.