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What is the feature of 4 hand massage in Paris?

  • The massage performed by two specialists is not only distinguished by the doubled strength of the 4 hands, but also by its more powerful effect on the whole body.

  •  The overall effect of an erotic massage with four hands, as a rule, exceeds the usual ten times;

  • Professional four hands erotic massage has a particularly pleasant and relaxing effect on the human body.

  • This process greatly enhances the effect of four hands massage, when it seems that the hands massaging the body become larger and larger with each touch.

What aftertaste leaves four hands massage?

Impressions of the session are multiplied by a hundred times, compared with the usual. After receiving a fully relaxing and fabulously pleasant erotic massage with four hands, the client immediately begins to miss the gentle and dexterous hands of the masseuses and their professional skills to invigorate the body at the same time give the body the desired reassurance.

What is a more preferable four hands massage?

A four-handed massage is preferable to traditional massage. It allows you to penetrate the massage process itself better and feel much more emotions from the touch of the professional hands of masseuses. The enhancement of the beneficial effects of such massage on the body is noted as a decisive factor; however, its emotional impact is considered to be almost more important. After all, this is relaxation, multiplied by two masseuses and their four experienced massage hands.

What to choose: erotic four-hand massage or classic four-hand massage?

Traditional four-hand massage is not so often used, while an erotic 4-hand massage is in high demand. The reason for this is apparent: in contrast to the traditional, erotic massage affects the emotional sphere of a person, his mental level primarily, and not only has a physical effect on the body. In this regard, the emotional impact of the massage is more vivid and energetic.

An erotic 4 hand massage in Paris will allow you to plunge into the fairy-tale world of pleasant impressions and pleasures that are imprinted in everyone's memory. You will want to return there again, because such bright and friendly.

Four-hands massage is a popular technique loved by millions of spa-goers around the world who have a difficult time releasing stress and letting their negative thoughts and emotions go.

It is an adult massage that involves the cooperation of two specialists who center around the customer and utilize synchronized moves to reach the desired result in the form of relaxation.

Being originated in Paris and practiced by the best French masseurs, four-hands massage remains to be an effective soothing technique that has a strong healing effect on the whole organism.

How to Deliver Four-Hands Massage

Four-hands massage is performed with the help of two skilled specialists who center around the customer and press on certain points and parts of the body to reach the maximum relaxation effect. Before you get down to massaging, you should prepare in advance to get the most pleasurable experience.

First, choose a masseur who will be able to assist you in the process. It is better to rely on qualified professionals with relevant experience, who will be able to advise you when necessary and avoid bringing harm to your partner. After that, you should make sure that the atmosphere perfectly fits the mood of your client or partner.

Candles and aroma oils might help you to create an intimate setting in the room and prepare your partner to the massage.

When you start massaging your client or partner, make sure you feel synchronized with another masseur. To reach this state, you might discuss all the details with the specialists, ask him/her about the experience and discuss the main milestones. 

This conversation will make you more confident and provide you with a short overview of all actions and techniques applied in the four-hands massage. Go to our catalog, look through available specialists and pick the one that best meets your preferences.

Four-hands massage is basically a technique that can be combined with any type of massage. While some clients prefer traditional services, others are looking for something extraordinary. It is where four-hands sensual massage comes in handy. If your partner or client wants to experience new emotions and feelings, this technique guarantees unforgettable pleasure for both of you. 

Benefits of a Four-Hands Massage

A four-hands massage is a unique technique that offers a bunch of advantages to people of all ages. It has been proven that healthy relaxation that can be reached by intensive massaging movement can release pain and help to restore from severe injuries. Moreover, it is the best way to release stress and accumulate energy.

More than 32% of people visit saloons to get rid of negative emotions and distract from daily routine. Finally, four-hands massage has a strong healing effect since it frequently helps to improve blood circulation in the human organism. This practice promises to stabilize blood pressure and strengthen muscles, which will help you to reach emotional balance and physical well-being.

To wrap it up, if you are looking for a strong relaxation technique to release stress, improve your well-being and accumulate energy to reach new heights, you should try four-hands massage. Prepare for the wave of new feelings as this experience will recharge your batteries and open a brand-new world of pleasure. Visit our catalog to get an overview of the services and choose the one that best meets your preferences and desires.

In the room, everything has to ensure that the procedure gives maximum pleasure:

  • decor (furniture, beautiful walls, etc.);

  • smells (aromatic oils are used that promote relaxation and stimulate sexual desire);

  • dim lighting, etc.