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What does massage Lingam with a happy ending mean?

A lot of men may mistakenly believe that this massage practice ends with sex with a masseuse. After all, Lingam is perhaps one of the most exciting types of massage therapy for adults, so it is naturally that men can fantasize a lot. But we hasten to warn you: massage and independent masseuses in Paris, which you see on our website, do not provide sexual services.

What, then, does the phrase mean a happy ending? When a naked girl gently touches your genitals, massages your penis, it is impossible to resist. As a rule, during massage Lingam, you can experience several orgasms and achieve ejaculation. It is quite natural, allow yourself to relax and plunge into the world of pleasure!

What is the price of Lingam massage in Paris?

The rate for this type of adult massage in Paris is practically no different from the average prices in other European cities. 1 hour of massage lingam will cost you €100-150. If you want to book a massage for 3 hours, the price varies from €300 and above. Also note that the rate of the masseuse Lingam in Paris may differ from each other, but not significantly.

Where in Paris do the best Lingam massage?

The territorial location of the parlor does not at all affect the quality of the massage. You can be sure that the massage Lingam session will be held at the highest level, both in the center of Paris and in its other areas. You can enter a query in a search engine, for example, “massage Lingam Paris 15” or use the online map on our website. 

Can I be sure that the information in the profiles of masseuses is true?

Of course. Before publishing a girl’s profile on the website, we carefully check the information indicated to her. You can also not worry: the photos of the girls are being verified, so you can be sure that the sexy girl that you have chosen will perform the Lingam massage for you. 

How to order online Lingam massage in Paris?

Choose the profile of the girl that you like the most. Yes, we know, the choice is difficult, because in the catalog of the website there are more than 1000 beautiful strangers. To speed up the search, you can set the girl’s parameters, for example, hair color, language, ethnicity, and others. Then everything is simple: call the girl and make an appointment.

If you are interested in massage in the parlor, go to the agencies page and select the option that suits you. Here you can find real customer reviews and also immediately call the massage parlor.

Eastern practices appeared in salons of Paris to add diversity to a variety of services and provide clients with a new service. Although this technique has long been represented in a local organizations, lingam massage still remains to be extravagant and exotic to customers.

So, what a real lingam massage is?

Original lingam massage has its roots in Paris where the fundamental principles of relations between a woman and a man were created. It is based on in-depth philosophy and takes into account all psychological physical aspects of the male body.

Lingam massage is performed on males only since it involves the stimulation of the male intimate organ. However, you can still choose the gender of your specialists and express your preferences and needs. Clients can choose the conditions and develop a scenario when needed.

Moreover, lingam massage is a part of ayurvedic practices that are targeted at establishing positive well-being for a person. Ayurveda is an ancient philosophy that takes into account proven techniques and methods to make a person feel relaxed and calm. As a result, a man reaps the benefits of such practice as he feels better due to touches on painful spots that help to get rid of all the blockages.

At the same time, emotional pleasure is also caused since a person experiences bright feelings and can reach orgasm although it is not the primary goal of the lingam massage.

During a Lingam massage, the masseuse very gently touches all the erogenous zones of a man. She feels which areas require precise attention and tries to focus on them. Our masseurs perform all the actions with sensitivity and firmness to let your sexual energy grow. After the procedure, you feel revitalized and ready to reach new heights.


The Technique to Perform Lingam Massage Therapy

The primary misconception behind the lingam massage is that this technique is quite similar to masturbation, which is not completely true. Experienced and skilled masseurs have enough knowledge to provide you with unforgettable relaxation that will plunge you in the atmosphere of joy.

A lingam massage in Paris is unique since it is performed with the help of special techniques that allow you to get three or even more orgasms. The main condition is to push to special zones and stop at a time to experience the whole joy.

Lingam massage therapy is carried out in several stages:

  1. After a relaxing shower, a masseuse or masseur guide the client to the room. 

  2. A man should take a comfortable position to observe the whole process and get visual pleasure from a beautiful girl touching his body. 

  3. Before the specialists get to the main parts of the lingam massage, she oils the man’s body and lets him relax in a convenient atmosphere. She focuses on all the erogenous parts to ensure the clients get maximum pleasure.

After several moves and manipulations, a girl gets down to stimulating the client’s penis. She is aware of a wide range of techniques that will make even the most experienced client astonished. This process assumes that a woman performs all the moves naked, which means a man can observe a beautiful view. Furthermore, prostate massage can be a pleasant addition to the process.


Advantages of Doing a Regular Lingam Massage in Paris

Lingam is less represented on the market compared to other types of erotic massages. It is an absolutely new direction that has own advantages. It was designed for men, who strive to unleash their sexual potential and attract more women.

The main benefits of this massage are the following:

  • The practice has a strong healing effect since enhanced overall well-being, improves blood circulation and makes a person feel more energized and revitalized;

  • If you feel like your male power is decreasing, no worries! Lingam massage is something you were looking for. It has been proven that regular practice has a positive effect on potency and helps to generate sexual energy;

  • It is always a new experience;

  • Emotional stress and hormonal disbalance fade. Professional masseurs will always make you feel better after a stressful day, week or even month.

 Overall, a skilled and professional lingam massage allows you to get the best out of this practice. You feel energized and revitalized when your male power returns and strengthens. Furthermore, it has a positive healing effect on the whole organism and resolves a number of health problems. 


Lingam masseuses in Paris: who are they?

An adult massage is performed by girls 18 years and older. As a rule, they have good experience and practice in conducting classical massage. Thanks to this, the girls know exactly how the client’s body can respond to certain techniques and touches. Many of them are licensed to provide this format of services.

Of course, it is worth noting that independent masseuses are beautiful girls with mouth-watering forms. A great bonus, what do you think? Despite their deliberate sexuality, this does not mean that they provide escort services with massage Lingam in Paris. This is a big mistake. First of all, these are professional masseuses who know how to tone your body and give unforgettable emotions.

A professional masseuse can also combine Lingam massage with other practitioners. In particular, as a warm-up for your body and imagination, a girl can start a session with a Tantra massage or Body To Body massage. This can take literally 10-15 minutes and you won’t even notice how the massage therapist’s hands are already near your genitals.

Outcall Lingam Massage in Paris

For you to get a great male massage, you do not have to go to a parlor. There is a special service called “outcall massage”, thanks to which you can invite a secular independent masseuse to any place convenient for you. This is a great solution if, for example, you are tired after a productive day and want to relax at home. You can also order this service in the hotel in which you live. You will only need to indicate the address of the hotel and the girl will come to you.

Also, ordering outcall Lingam massage, you get:

  • maximum comfort: thanks to the possibility of choosing the place where the massage will take place, you will feel comfortable for yourself. This will allow you to release the excitement if you are a beginner and order an erotic massage for the first time.

  • massage at any time: You can choose any time of the day to invite the girl to your home for a massage. Whether it is day or night is up to you.

  • time-saving: you do not need to specifically go to the massage parlor in Paris for a session and spend your free time. It’s better to spend this time on an extra hour of massage, isn't it?

Incall Lingam massage in Paris

Under this service is meant a massage in the "territory" of an independent masseuse. This may be her apartment, a small private massage office, or hotel room. Often you can expect a pleasant surprise: just imagine, you go into a room where an intimate atmosphere reigns and everything is already prepared for an erotic massage.

You can also choose the option to call massage Lingam in a parlor. There are also advantages here: in particular, in many VIP massage parlors in Paris , you can additionally go to the pool or have a cup of coffee after an erotic massage.