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Where can I sign up for the best Nuru massage in Paris?

Going for a Nuru massage in Paris is a great idea! This type of service is very popular here, so you can find a massage parlor while strolling in the very center of Paris and in the surrounding area. To speed up the search, you can enter a query on the Internet, for example, “massage Nuru Paris 15”, and the system will automatically show you which salons are in the area. Everything is simple!

It should be noted that among tourists, one of the most popular are the salons of Nuru massage in Paris 14eme. Also, thanks to our site, you can directly contact the masseuse and arrange a session in a location convenient for you.

What are the Nuru massage parlors in Paris?

Believe us, Paris is not only a city of love but also one of the centers for developing a culture of erotic massage in the world. In the capital of France, there are more than 100 salons that specialize in erotic massage. Here you can order an erotic massage at the spa-parlors or order a session in a small private massage room. The choice is yours!

For example, you can visit “massage Nuru naturistes body Paris in Le Royal SPA” - this is one of the most popular salons that provide comprehensive services. After an adult massage, here you can visit the jacuzzi or hammam to further extend the euphoria and relaxation that you received from the massage.

What is the price of massage Nuru in Paris?

On average, the rate for a Nuru massage in Paris starts from €150-180 and higher. Of course, the price depends on the professional experience of the masseuse and the duration of the session. As a rule, if you order an erotic massage with the option of an outcall, it will cost you €50 more, because you will have to pay a taxi for a masseuse.

Can Nuru massage end in sex?

Not. Although during the massage Nuru the client's body and the massage therapist touch each other as much as possible, this practice does not provide for intimate penetration. We do not support sexual services, all the independent masseuses presented on the website carry out this practice following the accepted rules.

Of course, tactile proximity during a session with a sexy girl, touching the erogenous zones can not leave anyone indifferent. Nuru massage can have a happy ending in the form of a light orgasm and arousal, but nothing more.

What does Outcall Nuru massage mean?

The Outcall option is a very attractive service for those who want to relax completely and not waste time traveling to the massage parlor. Just imagine, one of your calls and a masseuse will come to you at any place convenient for you. Outcall Nuru massage in Paris has no restrictions: you can order an erotic massage session at home.

Or maybe you came to Paris for a business meeting and want to relax after a busy day? No problem. You can order a massage at any hotel in Paris. You can be sure that the meeting with the masseuse will remain only between you, because confidentiality is a key priority in professional ethics, both for independent massage therapists and adult massage parlors.

Outcall Nuru massage has many advantages:

  • saving time: a sexy masseuse will come to you at the specified address. Also, on our website, you can immediately see which of the masseuses are online now. Thus, you can reserve an adult massage at any convenient time.

  • convenience: you can pre-prepare for a massage, for example, take a shower, have a cup of tea, and prepare the apartment for a meeting with a beautiful stranger.

  • maximum relaxation: since you are at home or in your hotel room, you can fully enjoy the relaxing effect that you received from an adult massage because you have nowhere to rush.

Nuru massage is not only a perfect way to get a new level of pleasure but also a technique that can provide you with a strong therapeutic effect on the whole organism. It is performed with the help of gentle touches that aims to affect important zones on your body and provide you with a healing effect.

A newbie might think that nuru massage is quite similar to tantric. However, these two erotic practices are quite difference in the form of execution and their goal. So what is nuru massage and why it is so popular among clients? 

Why Nuru Massage in Paris is Unique?

Nuru massage oil

Nuru massage was originally created in Japan - the place where many erotic practices were born. When it went beyond the boundaries of the country, this technique quickly gained popularity due to its intimacy. During a nuru massage, both partners are involved in the process, which helps them to build trust and diversify their sexual life.

Both participants slide and touch each other, which creates a strong sexual arousal and motivates partners to go beyond their limits. You feel how a storm of energy fills your body with warm heat. Nuru, a gel without any taste or smell, is the main instrument in the hands of a masseuse. It is produced from a Japanese seaplant - nori, which explains its name. This oil is herbal and produce without any harmful additives or chemicals, which makes it safe for all clients regardless of their health state.

However, before you go to any nuru massage salon in Paris, it is a good idea to take shower and warm your body a bit. In such a way, nuru will better spread on your body and masseuse will provide you with a unique experience. The Japanese claim that a professional nuru massage opens for you a new world of fantasies and dreams filled with exotic feelings and emotions.

Hot touches of a beautiful masseur or masseuse stimulate your fantasy and generate sexual energy that positively affects your organism. Just give it a shot and you will understand all the benefits of a good nuru massage in Paris.

The nature of nuru massage in Paris

Nuru massage is different from a regular erotic massage. The main secret lies in gel that is added to gentle and touch strokes of a masseur or masseuse. A beautiful woman uses her naked body to slide ad rub your erogenous zones.

This process erases all limits and clears your view so that you can see all the benefits of this technique. The two partner experience a special connection that unites them for the period of a massage.

Although it was originated in Japan, nuru massage is so unique that it has become popular in Europe and USA.  Currently, numerous salons and private specialists provide nuru massage services to clients from diverse backgrounds.

Besides, they give a choice of masseuses and masseurs to the clients:

  • men;
  • women;
  • model looking girls;
  • blond and dark;
  • white and black;
  • gay and lesbian.

Since the technique is quite popular, you can always find a professional in our catalogue to experience unforgettable emotions and try yourself the best erotic massage services in Paris.

10 Benefits of Nuru Massage Therapy

Nuru Massage Services in Paris

The client is invited to the room where he/she should dress off. Nuru massage does not involve any clothes, so this step is obligatory to getting quality services. After that, a masseur places the guest on a special mattress that does not slip. In such a way, a person feels convenient during the whole procedure.

The main peculiarity of nuru massage in Paris is that it touches all the parts of the body from toes to the head. All areas are involved to gain maximum relaxation. When the client feel convenient and gets rid of the blockages, it is the time to come to the brightest part and work on the abdominal area.

Nuru massage is applied to evoke fantasy, stimulate all the erogenous areas of the human organism without direct sexual involvement. It is an intimate technique that can heal your body and soul. Japanese believed that it can restore the whole organism for a long time. Try yourself! Go to our catalog, choose the service you like and order incall or outcall nuru massage. We will take care that all your preferences and needs are taken into account, while you will enjoy professional services that will recharge your batteries and lift your spirit.

Things to do after nuru massage

Incall Nuru massage in Paris : advantages

The incall option means that the massage will take place in the parlor. If you order this option from an independent masseuse, you will have to come to the address indicated by her. It can be either a girl’s apartment or her small private massage room.

For example, you can enter the query “massage Nuru Paris 17” in the search engine to find a suitable masseuse. But these searches can be endless because not all specialists are ready to leave their phone numbers on the network. That is why we recommend that you use our website. Here you can choose not only the country and city where you would like to sign up for an adult massage, but you can also immediately find out from the girl in which areas of Paris she is carrying out the procedure.