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Where can I book a prostate massage in Paris?

You are incredibly lucky to have the best prostate massage in Paris. You can book a session both as an independent masseuse and in a parlor that specializes in erotic massage. You can also choose the format of the session that is convenient for you, namely:

  • incall: you come to the salon for a massage by appointment at a specific time or to the apartment of an independent therapist.

  • outcall: a sexy girl comes to your home or hotel for a prostate massage.

Does an escort in Paris include prostate massage?

No. An escort means a pleasant pastime with a sexy girl, for example, a joint visit to a business meeting, a flight on vacation or a romantic dinner. Prostate massage in Paris is not included in the basic escort package.

Is prostate massage in Paris safe?

Yes, you can be sure of that! Given the intimate nature of the therapy, prostate massage in Paris can only be performed by specialists who have medical training or are licensed to provide this type of service. Girls perform prostate massage gently and as accurately as possible, listening to the client's reactions and wishes.

Can I get a prostate massage in Paris for gay?

Yes, it is possible! To make you comfortable, you can choose a man who specializes in gay massage as your therapist. Also, prostate massage is available for bisexuals, trans women, and all those men who want to improve their male health and enhance libido.

Are there any restrictions on prostate massage in Paris?

You can visit a masseuse if you are over 18 years old. The prostate massage is very delicate, as the anus is one of the most sensitive in the male body. That is why, if you feel discomfort in the lower abdomen or suspect that you may have microcracks on the walls of the anus, you should refuse or postpone the session for another time. We also recommend that you consult before a prostate massage in Paris if you have urinary disorders.

Do you want to improve the quality of your intimate life, become more self-confident as a man and a sexual partner, and also strengthen your male health? Prostate massage in Paris is an excellent solution that will satisfy all your “wants” and will give you such a vivid orgasm that you will believe in the existence of a male “G” point. 

How is a prostate massage performed in Paris?

A lot of men say their life is divided into “before” and “after” once they have received a prostate massage in Paris. This therapy requires the utmost delicacy and knowledge of the physiology of the male body, therefore only professional masseuses can perform it. Believe us, a sexy girl will do her best to make you enjoy the process, leave all prejudices behind, and experience a fantastic orgasm.

Since this therapy is extremely spicy, the masseuse will ask you to take a shower before starting the session. Those 10-15 minutes under warm water will allow you to relax and prepare for an intimate "penetration". To properly warm up the body, at the beginning of the therapy, the girl gently massages the client's thighs, buttocks, and slowly moves on to the most exciting moment.

So that you reach an emotional culmination during a prostate massage in Paris, the girl, while massaging the anus, will also gently caress your penis and perineum area. At this moment, it will seem to you that every cell on your body pulsates with excitement, and soon you will feel the approach of ejaculation.

Prostate massage in Paris: benefits for male health

  • improvement of endurance: massage of the prostate improves blood microcirculation in the pelvic area, tones the muscles, which allows increasing the duration of intercourse with a partner.

  • the increased pleasure from sex: due to improved erection, you can feel like a real macho and give your sexual partner more vivid sensations from intimacy

  • prevention of “male diseases”: regular prostate massage minimizes the risk of impotence, the occurrence of prostatitis, and other “male diseases” at a later age.

Prostate massage in Paris with natural oils

To make the movements of the fingers smooth, the girl abundantly lubricates her hands with natural oil or a special lubricant. During anal penetration, you will experience an unforgettable experience, because it is not for nothing that some therapists call the prostate a male “G” point. Gentle and careful, but at the same time stimulating movements of the girl's index finger in the anus will delight you.