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Many are interested in what is sensual erotic massage?

  •  a completely naked masseuse performs, the client is also completely naked;

  •  performed with both hands and chest, buttocks, other parts of the female body;

  •  performed without sexual contact of the client and the masseuse (without intimacy);

  • as a result of erotic massage, the visitor of the salon is brought by the girl to the highest point of pleasure.

What are the benefits of sensual massage in Paris over paid sex services?

  • No risk of infection

  • Beauty masseuses

  • Maximum customer care concern

  • Rates for eromassage are lower than for intimate services

  • Benefit for health

  • Solving psychological problems

  • Infographics

How does the sensory affect the psyche?

Some men have certain negative attitudes and psychological problems that arise when communicating with the female sex. Erotic massage sets the mind free, so the guest of the salon is no longer afraid to have fun. In addition, maximum relaxation contributes to a marked increase in self-confidence. A person learns to relax and prolong pleasant moments, studies his body with the hands of a professional masseuse.

What does the sensual body massage offer to the client?

During an erotic massage, the masseuse tries to give maximum pleasure. Women performing ero-massage are much more active and caring than those who provide sexual services. After all, the latter quite often do not care about the comfort and pleasure of their customers, and also do not show due interest in the process.


Modern life has become very hectic. Fatigue and stress are the two main factors that chase people and make them feel nervous and overworked. Each of us, regardless of the occupation and type of personality, requires relaxation to maintain work-life balance and stay healthy mentally, physically and psychologically. A well-performed sensual massage can provide you with lots of benefits and improve your well-being for a long time.

Sensual Massage In Paris and Its Health Benefits

A real relaxation can be reached only with a professional masseur, who will apply the best practices to make you feel good. Our attractive girls can help you to get rid of all the blockages while keeping the focus on your peculiarities and wishes. Gentle strokes or hard pushes - they will apply the best techniques to make you feel energized and refreshed.

The main effects of a sensual massage include:

  1. Strong relaxation effect

  2. Improved blood circulation

  3. Better quality of skin and hair

  4. Higher stress-resistance

The techniques applied in sensual massage are usually similar for both males and females. Furthermore, the gender of a professional can be chosen depending on your wishes and preferences. We take care of our clients and try to ensure that they get only high-quality service. Paris is an excellent destination if you seek quality sensual massage in France. Our salons and masseuses also provide f4f and m4m service upon your request.

It is also highly important that the specialist, who performs sensual massage, is aware of all the physical and biological peculiarities of the human body. He/she should know which touches, strokes and pushes bring the most pleasure to the client and have a healing effect on the organism. It is vital not to harm but to heal a person. Thus, amateur services are not that effective or even might be dangerous.

After all, the strongest and the most important advantage of the massage is complete relaxation. After the procedure, you feel that all your worries and negative emotions go off and you can clearly think with the focus on positive aspects of your life.

All benefits of the sensual massage can be summarized as follows:

  • stiffness goes off;

  • breaks your limits and expands boundaries;

  • helps you to generate sexual energy;

  • intimate potential of the human body is revealed.




Versatility is the central feature of a body to body massage which makes it unique. It can be performed in different ways, which makes it attractive both for males and females. This type of massage is considered to be the best way to stimulate sexual arousal and ensure you get a new type of pleasure. 

The process presupposes the following stages:

  • Oiling to relax all your body and prepare to the massage

  • Kneading that is rough but pleasurable

  • A nude massage is a part of this process.


Tantric massage is the most famous type of sensual techniques due to its strong effect on the human organism. Specialists claim that a person needs to have a high level of sensuality to perform this method correctly.

Sensual massage in Paris is done in two the following way:

The first one is based on meditation. A specialist needs to clear thoughts and mind to perform massage correctly and help a client to reach unforgettable pleasure. 

The second kind lies in the correct treatment of the body. The technique is so unique that an individual can reach orgasm without direct stimulation, which is considered to be the most masterful form of performing this massage.

Tantric massage also includes two main types of practices, such as yoni and lingam. When translated from Sanskrit, lingam can be defined as a male intimate organ, while yoni can be defined as a female intimate organ. Therefore, yoni massage is centered on stimulating female parts of the body to reveal sexual energy and get more emotions from this practice. Similarly, yoni massage is expected to have the same effect on the male organism.


If you have tries erotic massage once in your life, be sure you will practice it on a regular basis. It provides a person with a bunch of benefits that cannot be sourced in any other place. Therefore, you should try this technique to experience the pleasure from an erotic massage and its healing effect on your organism.

There are numerous websites that provide luxury sensual massage services to clients in Paris. However, we have noticed that most of them are vague and do not provide financial information or cost estimation to users. Luckily, you bumped into the right place as we are absolutely transparent.

You can find all the details about our services and discover the cost right on the website. 

Go to our catalog, pick the best masseur or salon and order the best sensual massage in Paris!

Incall Sensual Massage in Paris

Remember the girls on the street or in the cafe - sleek, with luxurious hair, chic breasts and long legs? It’s scary to approach them, but I don’t want to look away, and their spicy trail of spirits has long been remembered, awakening the most daring desires.

Sensual massage in Paris presents you just such girls girls. And everyone wants you to choose her. Selflessly and sensually, with passion and tenderness she will make you a sensual erotic massage. And after the action you will still feel the aftertaste for a long time, pleasantly shuddering with every cell of your body.

At your request, our best girls will smoothly prepare you for action with a relaxed conversation. You can find out the price of sensual erotic massage in the corresponding section of the site.

You are in a chic luxury room. It smells of expensive perfumes, cinnamon oil and patchouli. Next to you is a bar with a decent assortment, paintings hang on the wall, sensual music caresses the ear. In front of you is a huge bed. It is on it that you will now open a new world of acute eroticism and endless sensual massage. The room in a graceful walk includes a girl in beautiful underwear. Sexy figure, feline movements, breathtaking face…

Outcall Sensual Massage in Paris

After a hard day, the long-awaited vacation becomes a natural desire. Now the erotic massage service with a visit to the client allows you to get your portion of pleasure without leaving the apartment.

A working week is no reason to deny yourself pleasure. However, having arrived home after an 8-hour working day, the prospect of traveling somewhere is not very pleasant. I so want, staying at home to get the opportunity to enjoy salon services. Now erotic massage with a visit to the client becomes possible for every lover of exotic services. The guest is a masseuse who has arrived to conduct the service, and the client feels more confident, because he is the owner. In such an environment, it is much easier to relax, which guarantees greater stimulation of male libido. Another advantage is the ability to make the environment just the one that better meets the ideas of intimacy.