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Peace and nervous excitement leave instantly after massage. Improving the digestive tract, weight loss due to the removal of toxins. You will note a lack of constant desire to eat sweets during unpleasant periods of life by massages nuru naturistes body in Paris. This is due to strengthening immunity and reducing the effects of stress on the body. Visibly feel a decrease in a painful condition in the back, neck, or legs that previously bothered.


  • People who have a sedentary lifestyle spend a lot of time at the workplace in one position;

  • Those who are constantly suffering from discomfort caused by pain in the neck, any part of the back, constant migraines;

  • Overweight people, toxins, slags;

  • For those who cannot sleep at night from nightmares, poor sleep;

  • Patients with a feeling of depression, depressed emotional and mental state.

The process of influencing points during Thai massage the process of influencing a massage therapist on various areas has more than 60 points, the pressure on each of them is clearly controlled, working out well, stretching with asanas, pressing on important points.


  • The usual movements according to the rules of five techniques are aimed at warming up the muscles, provide only temporary relief. Thai massage has more than a hundred options for improving the condition of the body;

  • Pain with classical pressure on painful areas, and lack of physical discomfort when choosing a massage of oriental culture.

  • Exposure to the naked body in the classic - Thai healing technique takes place in thin cotton clothing.


  • in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication;

  • the presence of open wounds, skin lesions;

  • with an unbalanced mental state.

The Thai type of massage action completely excludes movements aimed at stimulating the intimate zones; there is no sexual relationship between the master and the patient.

Thanks to the correct Thai massage, you can open the flow of energy, work out the painful parts of the body, get rid of negative thoughts. To become younger and more attractive, to live in harmony with oneself and the inner world.


Each of us has already used massage services for some reasons. While some people prefer to use it only for therapeutic reasons, while others require relaxation and prefer more extraordinary techniques.

In any case, every person is looking for a healing effect that is brought with a professional erotic massage. However, there is also a kind of massage that can be applied to adults only. This type is called body-body erotic massage in Paris that is performed by gentle touches and strokes. 

How can be a body-to-body massage explained and defined?

Body to body massage, or sensual massage, is one of the most widespread and effective techniques to stimulate sexual arousal and stimulate sexual energy. Professional erotic massage is similar to painting a picture. A masseuse, like a pinter, needs to select the best techniques to please a client and provide maximum relaxation.

Currently, this technique is gathering pace due to its strong healing effect and relaxation. While in the past it was considered vulgar as both partners had to be nude, nowadays it is one more way to entertain or relax after a stressful day.


What types of body-to-body massage our masseuses provide?


If you browse the net or just ask your friends, you can find out numerous types of erotic massages. Nevertheless, the most popular one is Thai. As a rule, it starts with a light shower that sets the right mood for further manipulations.

After that, our masseuse guides you through the process and gets down to the massage taking into account your peculiarities, preferences and wishes. During this process, our specialist performs a variety of actions and stimulates your body with the help of her own. The main thing about this massage is that the pleasure is transferred to all body parts and provides you with a strong relaxation effect.


Nuru erotic massage can be performed to males and females as well. The main peculiarity of this technique is a colored oily gel that is used to perform this massage. Since it has no taste and aroma, it can be applied to all clients regardless of their health specifications.

Regular Nuru full body to body erotic massage means you will have a strong and healthy body. It has a set of advantages, such as:

  • long-lasting healing effect that can be preserved for hours, days and months

  • improved blood circulation;

  • strong relaxation;

  • strong sexual desire;

  • higher sensitivity;

  • and lots of others.

The technique of performing Nuru massage differs much from a standard massage. A professional and skilled masseuse slides up and down your body. She is aware of all the most joyful and effective techniques that will immerse you in the atmosphere of joy and pleasure. Be ready to discover new heights with our attractive girls and get unforgettable experience from their incall and outcall services.


Techniques Used in Salon Body Body Massage

In addition to the atmosphere, the right mood and techniques, methods are essential to guarantee that you get the best experience.

The main methods include:

  1. rubbing;

  2. vibration;

  3. stroking;

  4. kneading;

  5. percussion;

One of the most effective and soothing techniques is stroking. Light gentle strokes will set the right mood for you and prepare for a sensual or erotic massage. At the same, harder strokes improve blood circulation and enhance your well-being for a long time. Our girls have enough knowledge and skills to assess your needs and choose the most appropriate method in each situation. Rubbing is frequently applied in the body to body massage to add sensitivity to the process. Compared to other methods, rubbing has proven to have a deeper effect. This approach will suit individuals who want to get deeper feelings and experience new emotions.

Try body-to-body massage to get seamless massage experience. One of the main methods is kneading. Although it takes up to 75% of the time, it benefits both partners. Regardless of the type of massage you choose, after the procedure, you have clear thinking and an open mind for new ideas. Our clients always say they experience the inspiration and strong motivation during body body massage in Paris that helps them to reach new heights. Highly sensual massage performed by our beautiful girls from the catalog will bring you to cloud nine and let your fatigue go in several minutes. 

How does Incall Body Body Massage work in Paris?

The massages nuru naturistes body in Paris always takes place in a separate room, isolated from extraneous noise, which is equipped as a comfortable room for the convenience and relaxation of the participants. Massage is carried out in a very intimate setting, with a slightly dim light.

The room is calm, peaceful. Sounds nice, unobtrusive music. Very calm, relaxing. Sometimes - with the consent of the client - incense sticks can be lit. All these tools - a cozy atmosphere, dim lights, delicate aromas and sounds - are perfectly relaxing of best body body massage in Paris. Allow you to enjoy the process from the very first minutes.

Since body body massage is aimed at delivering pleasure to the entire body of the client, with it, almost all techniques of relaxing and erotic types of massage are used:

  • kneading with palms and forearms;

  • removal of muscle blocks with a more intense impact of the elbows or knees;

  • stroking hands, chest, belly of a masseuse;

  • subtlest stimulation with the help of light touches of hair;

  • gliding over the entire surface of the body over the client’s body.

All these techniques 100% stimulate every cell, every receptor in the body. Cause a rush of blood to the surface of the skin.

Outcall Body Body Massage in Paris

When arriving home from work, one does not always want to drive and spend time in kilometer traffic jams to relax. But a weekday is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure.

Now residents of massage body body Paris 12 can order a body massage outcall. At the same time, the exit procedure has several advantages:

  • at home, the client feels much freer, being on the owner's rights, and the masseuse is his guest. At home, it’s much easier to relax;

  • You can create an intimate atmosphere that meets your fantasies;

  • On a weekday, you do not need to waste time and nerves on a trip to the salon;

  • at home, the feelings are more intimate;

  •  after the end of the session, you can shower and go to sleep in a familiar atmosphere.

Body massage at home is no different from the services provided by the salon.Try body massage in Paris to get seamless massage experience. One of the main methods is kneading. Although it takes up to 75% of the time, it benefits both partners.